Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Some of you guys from the UK have probably heard of a show called 'Misfits'
Misfits is a show about young adults who are in community service each for doing different crimes, on their first day some wierd storm appears and starts chucking huge ice boulders at every OG, the protagonists and the caretaker person run away from the storm, but not before being struck by lightning and being thrown in the air.
They all feel fine at first, despite being hit by lightning, but soon begin to notice strange things happening to them (typical super power movie/show)

Here's a list by order of who sees their powers first.

Kelly - Power to hear thoughts

Simon - Power to turn invisible

Alisha - Power to get men reaallly fucking horny just by touching them

Curtis - Power to rewind time

Nathan - Well, find out yourself

The powers sort of synchronise with their personalities

Kelly - Self conscious chav/ned/trailer trash/whatever
Simon - Lonely, socially awkward nerd
Alisha - Typical English slut
Curtis - Disgraced athlete (was caught with cocaine), basically your typical kind of guy, probably met someone like him loads of times
Nathan - Irish guy who doesn't give a fuck about anyone, isn't hurt by anything people say, funny.

I really recommend watching this show.

Here's some links to watch it.


Might not be viewable to anyone outside of UK, not sure.

Try here if you're outside of UK:



  1. never seen it.. sounds gay

  2. Think I'll just wait till America rips it off and remakes the series.

  3. Lol, curtis' hair alone has the power to rewind time. I'll check it out, probably; following.

  4. Never seen it but will look into it, following...

  5. Misfits is amazing - just hope the Americans don't do their own version!

  6. Interesting idea for a show! I'm watching from the link you posted!

    Following and supporting!

    Yorkie Love

  7. I want to watch this now....going to google it

  8. One of my favourite shows currently.

  9. Curtis has the super power I have always wished for when asked, "If you had 1 wish..."

  10. haven't heard of it. interesting though

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