Friday, 11 February 2011

New post

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, was too busy playing Mafia 2 last night and only just got in a few hours ago, was a pretty interesting night.

So here's a few posts to make up for it. (hopefully.)

Have a rumour you want to confirm or prove false? Here's your place.

50 flash games

Lots of books, all condensed into 3 seconds reading times.
And even more

Several classic NES gamse.

Some anti-jokes

Flight safety manual parodies.

Click an image get another image

And finally, two songs.


  1. Those safety manuals are ridiculous hahaha

  2. Thanks for the flash games :)

  3. lol @ the safety manuals. And remember: breast fondling with not be tolerated during an emergency

  4. It is quite good Questions, the game really does make you play the game the way it wants to though, and you can't remove hats from suits (that made me rage) but all in all, it's a good game, reminds me a lot of Goodfellas.

  5. World of nintendo! Love it. This game me the fix I needed.

  6. Mafia II was a good game, lost quite a few hours in it

  7. I liked the first song and the NES games link. Thanks for the man!

  8. those books are hillarious!

  9. Thanks for the links, really good, especially NES.