Friday, 11 February 2011

New post

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, was too busy playing Mafia 2 last night and only just got in a few hours ago, was a pretty interesting night.

So here's a few posts to make up for it. (hopefully.)

Have a rumour you want to confirm or prove false? Here's your place.

50 flash games

Lots of books, all condensed into 3 seconds reading times.
And even more

Several classic NES gamse.

Some anti-jokes

Flight safety manual parodies.

Click an image get another image

And finally, two songs.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Another Game.

So I was just mucking about on Stumbleupon and discovered this pretty cool game. you control the slopes a skiier rides on with your mouse, it's called Solipskier and is available on your Ipod/iphone.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Alter Ego.

A pretty interesting game released in the 1980's and was converted to work on the internet.

The "game" starts off with a nice little screen of a baby in a womb.

And straight afterwards you get your first choices, and yes, even straight away, the wrong choice can impact badly. For example.

Fast-forward to childhood, and here is an example of one of the deaths that can happen if you don't put some thought into it.

Despite the game being from the 80's (thus, A LOT of the pop-culture references being outdated. e.g. Dog collar necks and some strange hairstyles.) it still relates well  to modern life.
It'll probably take an hour or so away from you if you get lost in it, and you should really play it lots of times.

There's even an Ipod app running around with the same name.

I recommend if you start playing this that you turn on some music, it's helps quite a lot with playing it.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Another day, another post.

So I was thinking about the different musical genres and the hate and appraisal they receive.
I really don't see the point in arguing about music, it's usually pointless, you probably won't get either person to be less stubborn, and if you can, then only by a small amount.
What is the point in arguing about something that pleases somebody and doesn't others?
That's what music is anyway, it's just a bunch of noises put together to create something which can or can't please someone.
Let's take this dubstep song for example

Lots of people will dislike it, it's understandable as well, it's wob-wob-wob-ey and won't be for a lot of people, but that is still no reason to hate it, as long as some people like it, then it's worth something, no?

Not sure what my point was here, just wanted to type something about music I guess.

Post some of the genres you LOVE and the genres you HATE.

I'll start.

Drum & Bass
Electronic Rock
And lots more

Jazz ( I know a lot of you will probably disagree.)

That's it I guess.

Here's some songs to send me out.

I'm done.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A video.

This animation pretty much was my reaction to the trailer for the new (finally) Elder Scrolls game.

A(few) song(s)

So here's a few good songs to add to my Picture, Song, Video routine.

A picture

Some interesting designs for your laces on your shoes and some are actually pretty cool.

Saturday, 5 February 2011